Life Update! June 2017

School, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Traveling, Family, Learning, Religion. All of these things and more has captured my attention and energy.

For those who are true followers of this blog, I am sorry for the absence! No amount of excuses and reasons could erase the 8 months that I haven’t posted anything. I can only hope that by providing you all with the truth, it could be remedied.

To be completely honest, as many drafts I’ve written and had the intention of posting onto this blog, I just haven’t found the time or motivation to follow through. Upon the many awakenings I’ve had about life and the spirit realm in general, the biggest of them all was the fact that I didn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t forget G-d. I think that’s the biggest reason why I’ve been away. So many people in the Spiritual Community talk about leaving religion behind and not believing in a Higher Power. This, above all other things, is something that I cannot believe to be true for myself. A lot of people on this site (or people that I used to know), who claim to be spirituals, go by this system.

There was no one I could look to, could feel validated by, or just have a common conviction that G-d is real, always been real, will always exist even when we don’t. I had to stay true to myself, but at the time I had forgotten myself,  so I had to withdraw.

I went deeper into my own soul and started searching the ultimate truth. Religion has always played a major role in my life, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all three have been present in my upbringing. The common thread was the belief in a Higher Power.

I’ve reached the conclusion that while Astral Projecting, Lucid Dreaming, Reincarnation, Past Lives, Chakra Work, Angels and Demons all exist—there is a Higher Power above it all. I call Him the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. And I no longer need to feel validated by anyone or anything to believe this true reality for myself.

As for the other reasons/excuses/areas of life:

  1. I’m graduating from High School in two weeks!
  2. In November of 2016, I wrote the first draft of a novel I’ve been planning for two years! I also joined a Writer’s Group and attended my first workshop.
  3. I attended this awesome event known as Book Con this year. It was held in New York and I got to spend four amazing days there and in New Jersey. It was my first trip out of state, so it was amazing to finally travel and visit new places and experience new things.
  4. After graduating, I will be mainly focused on taking writing courses and starting a new blog that focuses on the Writing Process and Book reviews.
  5. I’m at a point in my life where G-d is put above everything else, while spiritual realities and all that comes with it are connected through His Word.

It was an amazing feeling to have written my first novel, read my work to a group of people that I didn’t know but eventually grew to know a little better, and then visit one of the places that I’ve dreamed of visiting for a long time.

Now here comes the part where I talk about what will happen to this blog…

For now, I don’t think there will be any new posts in regards to spirituality on this blog. Since I’m starting a new one, my focus will be mainly on that one. I see that some people come across my old posts every now and then, but it probably won’t hurt to work on this book that I believe will help people see the world differently, like the Matrix movies. (Hint: the initial concept of my story was actually inspired by the Matrix movies, Inception, and common knowledge about the spirit realm).

If there is anyone who would like me to write about something or talk about something, perhaps I can. Otherwise, I’ll be working on other projects.

Until next time,


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Fear Is Overrated, Pursue Your Higher Calling!

I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the experience or skillset,  it’s too late, it’s too risky, I don’t have the connections or support, there are other people who are more qualified than me,  and the list goes on and on.

Ever heard of these excuses? Do they sound familiar? These are some things people tell themselves for why they can’t pursue their dreams.

Today I’m going to share with you why you shouldn’t let fear, doubt, or even your Ego get in the way of you pursuing your higher calling. 

When Ego Tries To Get In The Way

When people are scared of pursuing their higher calling, it’s because they haven’t distanced themselves enough from their false sense of self. You are not the one that’s afraid, the true essence of you isn’t the one doubting your capabilities and talent.

It is your Ego that is afraid. What it is that you’re wanting to do is something that goes beyond your Ego, something that is closer to your soul, or your higher self’s aspirations and plans. The Ego is who you think are, and if you’re wanting to do something that’s ‘out of character,’ then your ego will try to trick you into being afraid. It will try to convince you to have this fear of failure or even fear of success. When really it’s an aspect of your ego that’s afraid of being left behind.

The mind can create all kinds of constraints and barriers, and somehow make it seem logical. But it’s all a mind-construct, it’s just a way of thinking. A thought pattern can easily be broken through persistence and awareness.  

When people experience Ego death, they have transformed, transcended, or killed an old part of themselves that wasn’t serving in any positive way. It’s like killing off a character that had no real purpose for existing other than trying to hinder you from going beyond the limits you or others might’ve placed upon yourself in the past. We as humans have a tendency to place limits upon ourselves or beliefs that limit us in some way, and it’s totally unnecessary! Ask yourself: who said this? What proof do you really have that supports this belief or limit? Did God say it Himself?

We tend to project our fears onto others and assume that they believe these things about us so therefore we shouldn’t even try. But how many of these beliefs are self-imposed? You’d be surprised to know that many or most of those beliefs are fears your own mind has conjured up, causing you to believe that they’re true. But it’s just f.e.a.r. False evidence appearing real. Most of these beliefs aren’t or wouldn’t even be true, had we not put so much energy or attention on it. Our consciousness is what charges things, ideas, and thoughts into materializing into our reality. “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.”

When People Doubt You

Sometimes negative thoughts don’t come from your own mind, sometimes you are actually sensing somebody’s thoughts towards you. I know I just said what i did earlier, but this part is true so I might as well bring it up. And so what if others have told you many times that you couldn’t do or achieve something. Did you believe them? Have you allowed yourself to CHOOSE to believe in what they are saying, instead of what your own heart is telling you to do? It’s a choice. It’s always a choice. Nobody should let anybody tell them what they can or can’t achieve, because if they did we wouldn’t have everything that we have now. 

Doctors, scientists, writers, poets, painters, entrepreneurs, don’t you think that at some point they or somebody else has ever doubted them? Did they let that stop them?

When The Biggest Doubter Is Yourself

The worst critic in the world can be your own self. You are indeed the one who’s 100% with you all of the time. Sometimes, we fear pursuing what we love because we feel like we’ll fail at it and the thought of that might make us hate what we once loved. With me, it was writing. My mind would come up with many reasons why I shouldn’t be a writer, why I’m not good enough. But no matter how much these voices tried to convince me to stop, I couldn’t. I kept naturally gravitating back to it, without thinking, without forcing myself to.

It was like I needed it like I need oxygen to breathe. When I realized how much I still loved writing, whether the days are bright or dim, that’s when I knew it was truly me. It’s a part of who I am. This is what I’m meant to do. This was the tool I’ve chosen to express my essence. So for those who are clairvoyants, healers, shamans, writers, painters, musicians, whatever—when something is truly You, you can’t turn it off. You take it with you everywhere you go, there’s no escaping it. So why not just embrace this gift you’ve been given? This is the very gift you are meant to give to others! Pursue your higher calling.

As Long As The Universe Supports You, That’s All You Need

When you choose to walk in the divine plan and pursue your soul’s purpose, the Universe will make room for you. The Universe can conspire and make things happen. Opportunities will knock at your door, or you can knock at the door and be welcomed right in. By pursuing your dream with love and passion, being driven by love instead of fear, nothing can stand in the way of your destiny. When things are meant to be, everything will naturally fall into place.

Much Love & Light, As Always

Stay Inspired!

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