Why You Should Believe In Your Dreams

Why should you believe in your dreams?

Because everything we have now was once a dream, a vision, something that came from the realm of possibility. Everything you see around you was once an idea, a product from somebody’s imagination. And through belief, and unwavering perseverance they brought it into this physical realm. Manifested it into their reality. 

This ability is inside of all of us. Most people don’t know that they truly have the power to change their own lives, to make their dreams a reality. And it’s all because they didn’t allow themselves to believe. Faith is not everything, but it’s hope that keeps us going and drives us on when the times get tough. Giving up is the quickest way to failure. There’s no other way around it. People who give up on their dreams, give away their chances of ever succeeding in making them a reality. Sometimes Failure comes first before Success shows up. That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel at the first fail.

If you think about it, there are infinite universes with endless possibilities that can become different realities in parallel universes. I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s true. Scientists are discovering these other universes and dimensions (CERN). There are multi-universes and in these universes, whatever possibility that could happen has already happened or is happening. That possibility is true.  So imagine, you are already living this dream of yours in one of these universes. You have to be, because it’s possible, right? Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why you have this strong desire to make this dream a reality! Because an aspect of your consciousness is aware of that reality already existing, and your heart wishes to merge with this reality. Consciousness is not bound by time and space. Burt Goldman is the founder of Quantum Jumping, he has mastered the ability to jump into parallel universes and meet his alternate selves. He’s now a successful author, artist, musician, and photographer. And he’s only 89! He believed he could be anything he wanted, and when he saw himself living out one of his dreams, he knew it was possible for him too.

Somebody (a version of you) has to live out this possibility, right? If this dream is something you can’t imagine not doing or pursuing, if this is something you can’t imagine living life without or doing anything other than this, then it may be meant for this you to live out this dream.

This dream could be your soul’s calling. This version of you, right now, will live this life as *insert your name* only once. Sure, your soul never dies. Just like energy can never be destroyed or created, and we are made up of energy. But still, this current identity you have will only be once. The many versions of you throughout the universes will only be once. Out of all of you, don’t you want to be the one who lives their life full of meaning? That does what you once thought impossible? You can do it. The fact that you even have this vision of being *insert whatever* and not something else, means that you know deep down it’s possible. You are just afraid. It’s your Ego’s false sense of self that makes you think you can’t do something but the real you is Capable. 

In the next post, I will write about why Ego tries to get in the way of you and your dreams. 

Much Love & Light, As Always

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