How to Remember Your Past Lives

Half the world believes in reincarnation and past lives, while the other half does not.

If you wish to understand your past lives, here are a few steps you can take.

Look for patterns. Past, Present, and Future are all happening simultaneously. Aspects from either one can seep into your current reality. What I mean by looking for patterns is say for example: you keep attracting a certain type of energy into your life. This energy could an archetype like a person, or it could even be a certain type of situations.

This is especially true for when karma is involved. You might attract to yourself a situation and it may be for you to redeem yourself? Or maybe for you to learn a type of lesson and the person or situation involved is the teacher of that lesson. Everyone is a teacher. Everything can teach you something.

Also,  remember karma can be involved in a good way.

Ask yourself: What strongly resonates with you? Places, cultures, a certain period of time in history…

For me, it has always been two places, Ancient Kemet (aka Egypt) and Paris, France. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to (re)visit France. I believe that perhaps in a past life I had an enjoyable experience there. The memory was so fond that when I reincarnated, I wished to go back immediately. My mother says one of the nicknames she’d given me when I was a baby was ‘French.’ I asked her why she nicknamed me that, and she said she didn’t know. It just came to her.

It was only a year or two since I found out about my connection with the goddess Sekhmet and Queen Nefertiti. I’m not saying I’m either one, but the familiarity of them and Egyptian culture and mythology are undeniable.

What has always fascinated you or something you loved even as a young child? A favorite hobby, perhaps. This may be model airplanes, painting, the stars, it could be anything. But I’m talking about an attraction that’s so strong, you still have it even today.

Becoming more spiritual. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Learn how to clear your mind or as my father says ‘blanking out the mind.’ This is especially important because when the mind is full of external distractions or stress from excess worrying, it becomes harder to receive information that is beyond this one life. As you pull away from the distractions, as you begin clearing your mind more often (and for longer periods of time), you open the doors within your soul to pour forth and you’ll become more aware of your eternal being.

Access The Akashic Records. There are a couple of ways of doing this, but the most common are astral projecting and finding your akashic records in the astral plane.

Our most recent past life has affected this life, whether it was in a dominantly wonderful way or negative way. Acknowledge that whatever happened has already happened and fully embrace that. Know that what we choose to do now is what matters now.  We can take back our power to change our lives for the better.

Keep in mind that it’s best our purpose for remembering our previous life is to help make sense of our present existence.

Much Love & Light, As Always

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