4 Ways To Cultivate Self-Love

If you want more love in your life, you have to become Love.

You achieve this by developing self-love. What would you make you love yourself more? If you looked more attractive?  If you were rich? If you were taller, shorter? Stronger, smarter, popular?

People often get stuck in a cycle of always wanting something more. One person wishes they had straighter hair, another wished they had waves or curls. One wants to be taller, another wants to be shorter. Everybody wants something that they don’t have. 

What is it that really makes a person lovable? Their heart, their soul, and their mind. Those things mean far more than most people will ever know. Those things are the true essence of beauty. The beauty of the heart and soul is the only kind that lasts forever.

What are ways to show you love yourself? Here are four ways you can start cultivating self-love:

  1. Write a list of ten things you love about yourself. Ten things. It can be as simple as the color of your eyes to something deeper such as your compassionate, caring heart. The goal is to train yourself to find the positives or things that are lovely about yourself. And when I say ‘find’ I’m not saying it’s something that is hard. Your perception is what makes it seem like a hard task, but really isn’t. The stars shine whether anyone acknowledges it or not. The same goes for the things that make you special. I’m sure you can find lots of things that are good about yourself, about others, about things.
  2.  Replace all the negative words you (or others) use to describe or associate with you, with positive ones. Stop criticizing yourself for your flaws, imperfections, and shortcomings. Instead, praise and cherish your good traits and attributes. You have the choice of doing either one, to criticize or to cherish. To sink into deeper depression and self-hate, or deeper appreciation and self-love. How can anyone expect you to love them when you don’t even have that love for yourself?
  3. Take better care of your health. Good mothers-to-be try to make sure they eat right and healthy for their babies because they care about the health of their new child. We should all take that same approach, that same caring and aim it towards ourselves. You deserve to be happy and healthy, you deserve to enjoy a healthier lifestyle that shows you value your own self-worth.
  4.  Give yourself the gift of Acceptance. Accept where you are right here in this moment. Take gratitude in all that you’ve been through and overcome, and all that you are. Realize how it’s a miracle you exist and that this journey is one to be enjoyed.  Be patient with yourself.

Friendship and true love starts at home, and it starts with you. Once you feel content with your own friendship and unconditional love, you will begin to realize you’ve already found a golden friendship and true love. They say that the best relationship you can have is with yourself. Next to that is your relationship with the people in your inner circle. That same unconditional love you’ve nurtured towards yourself is now available for others.

Much Love & Light, As Always

Stay Inspired!


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New Consciousness New World

Lightworkers, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Starseeds, Spiritual Warriors,  Elevated Souls, whatever name that resonates with you, I am calling you in and I want to give you this message.

The Human Consciousness is accelerating at a rapid rate. People are waking up and they are starting to Remember. They’re beginning to remember who they truly are, before all of this. They’re starting to realize that this holographic reality isn’t real, that life is just a dream, an experiment. Just like the Earth’s Schumann Frequency Resonance is increasing, so is our own Consciousness/Frequency is increasing. A New Earth is coming into being and some of us who’s chosen the path of Ascension will match that New Earth’s vibration. All we have to do is stay on our paths of evolving and soul development. One day, the consciousness of the people will become the new world’s technology.

All the things I’ve said above is true, but on the flipside,  some things may look bad right now, and you might be thinking that the world is coming to hell and things have only gotten worse. This may seem true in some places, with some people, but it’s not all over the world. This world is one of Duality, so if things are looking bad, then things are going to become better. The Universe is all about balance, nature always knows how to balance itself. If one end of the spectrum is increasing, then the other opposite end of the spectrum must also increase.  It’s just a matter of time, and it’s happening right now. Remember, the earth’s frequency is increasing!

As long as we continue on our paths and raising our own vibration, we help light up the path of ascension for others, thus inspiring them to raise their own vibration. Our energy can create ripple effects in the collective conscious, much like the butterfly’s wings can have such an effect. We can change the world or even create a new world, with our newly elevated consciousness. This reality is going to shift and a new world is going to be born.

Now people make choices all the time, those choices lead to consequences, good or bad. These choices lead to results or destinations. For example, if someone wanted to get to New York, and have New York as their destination, then they would have the make the choices of packing up their essentials,  getting in a car or boarding an airplane that’ll take them to their desired destination. It’s essentially the same with what kind of world we wish to merge and sync with. Everyone is going to be synced with something, that’s no doubt. Our choices affect what type of energies we draw and attract to ourselves. Our choices affect what we sync with as our destination. Some people choose to see the roses, others pay close attention to the thorns. Some people appreciate and express gratitude for all the good that exists, while others are constantly focused on the horrors, conflict, and tragedies of the world. Some people like light and others prefer the dark. Everyone has their free will, their choice, their preferences. But nobody can infringe upon another’s free will, choice, or preference.

Right now there are many voices out there, trying to get your attention. Some of them will guide you and help you get on the right soul path, while others will misguide and confuse you, leading you astray. With technology advancing, it’s easier and faster to get easy access to all sorts of information. Good information, not so good information. It’s all about whether this piece of knowledge is beneficial to your life and personal development in all areas of your life, or is it just harming you? It can be easier to get sidetracked by getting caught up with the wrong side of the internet (or crowd, online and offline really). There’s so much confusion being spread and what’s worse is how many people are just accepting it. Embracing this madness and pretending like it’s normal. It’s not normal, it’s unnatural. They act like it’s cool, but truly they are lost. So lost, they don’t even know they’re lost. But it’s not entirely hopeless because this is all going to wrap up and be wiped clean, just like it’s always been in the past. And remember, there are others who are still in touch with their inner nature, their true selves. These people are the ones who stand by the Eternal Truth and spread it, preach it, practice it, and walk in it, even when it’s not popular, even when it’s not fully appreciated, even when it’s criticized, even when it’s hated by some. These people have as much strength to be able to give truth as the person to receive it.  I’m going to try my best to be a voice that helps reminds others who they truly are. I’ll help spread the truth that heals.

Pure Love is in our True Eternal Essence. ❤ Ignite the inner light within, and shine. Your Light makes the world a brighter place! Your Love makes the world a lovelier place. Remember Love Heals, so every time you radiate love energy, you are healing something or someone. Even if it’s just for a moment or the healing lasts for a day, or even years. Imagine if everyone radiated this loving, healing energy? Oh, what a wonderful world that would be! There would no sickness, weakness, illness or disease.  Because those things are vibrating on a very much different frequency,  that Love doesn’t vibrate on. Simply put, be the Love you want to see in the world. ❤

Much Love and Light, As Always


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