Lucid Dream 1#

Today I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to write about a lucid dream I had a few months ago. I think it was on the verge of an OBE.

June 3, 2016

I am in my kitchen. The lights are off, but it’s daytime. I can see the morning light flitting out through the little window. I walk over to the kitchen table and I see there’s a box of tissues. I start to grab two tissues as if this is routine when suddenly I feel an awareness wash over me and I realize ‘wait, this is a dream. Since I’m lucid dreaming , I should grab a third tissue, just to show myself I am aware.’ So I grab a third tissue.

I walk over to our dining room and stare out this huge window. Even though i didn’t touch the curtains or move the blinds away, somehow I can still see outside my backyard. The sun is shining incredibly bright, so bright that I don’t stare at it directly and instead take notice of the ground. The vivid, lush green of the grass,  the spring-green of the leaves on the trees swaying back and forth from a gentle breeze. This beautiful scene puts a smile on my face. Everything looks bright and peaceful, it makes me feel hope. Then I remembered I was lucid dreaming, and was gonna try and change the landscape. 

So I thought to myself “Where would I want to go?” and my mind races. Paris comes to my mind (in real life I’ve always wanted to visit that place) so I closed my dream eyes (and everything went dark as if I really closed my eyes!) and tried to concentrate on that place.  I close my eyes for a split second, truly believing something is going to happen…

When suddenly I feel my dream body ascending. I open my dream eyes and see I am floating. Hovering just above the floor.  I feel so excited that I forgot to stay focused and I floated towards the window. I tried flying higher but I start leaning forward.  Leaning, leaning until my dream-body flows right through the window as if I’m a spirit not bound by physics. I’m falling.  My dream body tumbles over and over until I land on the ground on my back. One of the sensations I feel isn’t pain but icy coldness. The location hasn’t changed but the grass looks different. I look at the ground and notice patches of snow everywhere, where there wasn’t before. After the fall, I started losing my awareness. I felt my control over myself and the dream was weakening. Suddenly a man appears behind me. I think he sort of tackled me to the ground. Maybe I tackled him first. I remember the faint sensation of cold ice on my hands and shoulders. The man is smiling and so am I. I got him pinned down with my hands on his wrists.  I remember asking him a question and he gave me an answer. He flips us over, with me pinned down and asks me a question. Which I give an answer to. Then he gets up, holds out his hand to help me up. I grab it and stand up. We start running, at incredible speeds, everything literally looking like its zooming by too fast. Weird music starts playing in the background. I remember him saying words over and over again. But my mind is clear which sentence it was.

Nobody’s going to find you, or I’m going to find you

But anyway, when I woke up from the dream, I felt so happy for some reason. Before the dream, I had been feeling pretty low. I think I heard from somewhere that when one has experienced an OBE, it affects their vibration, raising it higher. The best thing about this dream was that weird sensation of floating, feeling weightless, and that aspiration to fly higher and soar and do whatever I wish, travel to anywhere I wish. The scene with the sunlight and the grass and trees, it made me feel like nothing was impossible. Like there was a bright future and things are worth hoping for. 

I’ve yet to experience something like a real OBE, but after having that dream it makes me feel like it’s all the more possible. 

Maybe I’ll start writing more about my dreams on here. 

Much Love & Light, As Always

Stay Inspired!


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