The Purpose of Reincarnation: Pt. 2

Reincarnation is intricately linked to karma (the universal law of cause and effect).

Some people view Reincarnation as something negative, because of the consequences when one has sown much bad karma.  But originally, Karma was made to be good. For everything God created was good.

 Karma is the collection of our actions and deeds from previous lives and the current one we’re living now. Karma is important. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s real and it can affect us here and ripple effects onward our future lives.
Often times when people hear about reincarnation, they think of it as a way of being trapped in a destructive and miserable cycle. But if we choose to abide by the universal laws and golden rules found in the holy books (Torah, Christian bible, or Quran) then we can elevate and raise our vibration. Everyone needs something to guide them, something to remind them of their Moral Compass.

Nature Can Be A Great Sign Of Reincarnation

The four seasons shows us that life has a pattern. The trees and plants die, only to be revived to live another day. It always comes back stronger and lovelier.  🙂
Fruits and vegetables are a great representation for reincarnation and karma. In particular, the cucumber is a great sign that we can look at from different angles.
When you cut up the cucumber, there are many slices that originated from one big organism. These slices are like souls, and each slice of cucumber has a pocket of seeds within it. These seeds can represent knowledge or information hidden within the slice (soul).  The information embedded in the soul can be accessed through Soul Memory.

This is why some children seem wise beyond their years and it’s because it’s an old soul reincarnated into a new body. If it is a wise soul, it doesn’t matter what kind of information they’ve been given in this current lifetime or not, they can know things that most adults don’t even realize, through soul memory.


Examples of this would be the musical greats: Mozart (was composing entire symphonies at the age of six years old), and Beethoven (at the age of seven, he gave his first public performance at Cologne). A modern day story is one James Leininger, the six-year-old reincarnated World War 2 pilot. His story is one that may interest you, so if you haven’t heard of it go on and read about it.

These accounts prove that memory can go beyond the brain, memories and information are not just left behind completely. It was easier for these people to remember skills or aspects of their previous lives, because there wasn’t as much distraction. There wasn’t as much pollution in the mind (television, video games, substances, bad food, bad music, etc…) so their minds were more open to receiving the memories/knowledge embedded in the soul.


In my next post, I’m going to write about Past Lives and how we can remember them or at least get an idea of what it may have been like.

Much Love & Light, As Always

Stay Inspired!


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