The Purpose of Reincarnation: Pt. 1

What is Reincarnation and why does it exist?
Reincarnation is the concept that a soul can be born multiple times by getting a new physical body.We are a soul first, and then we become more than spirit, when we get a new body.
There is no true death, only new beginnings. Nobody truly dies. Energy can never be destroyed nor created, it can only be transformed. The same goes for us, for we are made up of Energy. We are consciousness encapsulated into a human vessel.

 Some reincarnate to help and assist others. Some come back to redeem themselves from past bad karma by doing good deeds.  And others come to explore, to experience and enjoy the earthly pleasures of this world.
Our purpose is to learn and grow. We are to experience everything there is to experience and become the greatest versions of ourselves.
No character can be developed unless we are challenged. This dual world is the one world that can give us the opportunity to develop merit.
We also have to serve out any bad karma collected from past lives. We can wash them away through good deeds. Once we have reached the pinnacle of true enlightenment, only then shall we ascend to higher heights (other worlds, other realms) and continue exploring the infinite.

We are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience. Not the other way around.

 We are multidimensional. We learn all kinds of lessons from experiencing different lives.

Our Higher selves  orchestrated these tests and trials for us, to see how we handle it and for us to learn ourselves deeper through these different experiences.  We learn how to express the Force within us, the great Spirit or spark of the Divine (God) through our actions and deeds.

Stay tuned for part two, where I talk about karma being intricately connected with reincarnation and how we can rise above the vicious cycle of bad karma.

Much Love & Light, As Always

Stay Inspired!


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6 thoughts on “The Purpose of Reincarnation: Pt. 1

  1. Great post, gets my mind ticking. These past lives we don’t remember, but what if these past lives are part of our creative conscience energy and are aware of us without us knowing. Oh happy birthday, hope you have an incredible day 🙂

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    1. Do you mean our past lives versions of ourselves may know about us? I think it depends. If you think about it, THIS version of us is a past life. A past incarnation. Past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. And we can only wonder about who we are in the future. But if we study the patterns in our lives, what keeps repeating and is constant, we can get an idea of our past life and where we’re going ahead… Our Higher selves are aware of every version of us, I think. Oh thank you for the early wish, my birthday’s in 8 days. 🙂 Sweet of you to wish me one.

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  2. Thought your birthday was the 11th, well this tie’s in with the past, future, present theme haha yeah, was thinking out load. Was thinking each time we do the recantation stage, our consciences are joined to past sperate entities of my conscience energy. Now I know we leave memories and knowledge behind because they co exist in the brain. But some memories are attached to my core. So in this life right now, there is lots of identities compounded into one creative conscience inside me. My brain is always ticking, gonna do a post soon on it, love coming up with my own logical ideas of this sort of thing 🙂

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    1. Oh that’s okay, i’m turning 18 on the 18th haha. When you say some memories are attached to your core, could you be referring to your soul? I just did a post (second part to The Purpose of Reincarnation) and mentioned what I like to call Soul Memory. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your post, you’ve got interesting ideas swimming around in your head. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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