How To Break Old Patterns

Everything is about patterns. Life is a series of patterns. We are all repeating ourselves, our patterns, our archetypes, life after life. We are all characters  on a stage we call Life.

I  know what it means to be afraid of a same old pattern repeating itself, always ending with the same unsatisfying result. I’ve been there. Especially with friendships, I’d be afraid of making new friends because I thought somehow I would end up losing them. And guess what? That’s exactly what would happen. There was always something, they moved away, our parents didn’t get along with theirs, I wasn’t ‘cool’ enough, we didn’t have much in common so we grew apart, etc…so what I feared the most is what would happen.

I had developed this belief that I wasn’t worthy of friends. That somehow I was just doomed to a fate without true friends. But eventually I realized that it’s not the circumstances that cause the same pattern to repeat itself, we are the same pattern that keeps repeating itself. We carry these beliefs in our pockets, so-to-speak, everywhere we go.  And those beliefs end up becoming our reality. The beliefs start to manifest and become real-like, because we have allowed ourselves to think that their real. We’ve given our will to this false belief.

It’s like the new situations in life are the stage props and new people are the new characters. They are the only things that are different, and yet we as the main characters in our story haven’t changed (because we carry these old beliefs in our pockets). And so the story or situation will end just like the previous one did. Because the main character made a choice (consciously or subconsciously) that they will stay the same, and therefore the story must end the same way. The old pattern repeats itself.

But we can choose to create a new pattern, become that new pattern, and the story shall follow suit.

How do we do this:

1) Setting the Intention: By setting your will to do something different, something that you haven’t done before.

2) Taking Action: Actions define who you are. You are what you do.

Here is an example: say someone wishes to quit smoking.

First, they have to set their intention and declare to themselves they are consciously making the decision to quit smoking, once and for all.

Second, they need to visualize themselves actually doing the action of quitting. They have to realize that they will need to throw away all the cigarettes. And every time that they go out to the store, or whatever, they’ll need to avoid them. When someone offers them one, they’ll have to decline.

Third, make all of this a reality. Walk this out. Do your best to combine your Intention to quit smoking with the Action of avoiding the opportunity to smoke.

Now that third one might be easier said than done. It’s because the person has become accustomed to smoking, it might be a nervous habit, something that they do to calm down their nerves. Something to distract them from all the stress in their life. So we need something else to fill in the void.

Fourth, find a better solution. Breathing techniques can help this person relieve their stress. Meditation, yoga, peaceful music, even herbal tea could help relieve anxiety. White ginseng is another good substitute. You can do your own research.

The only thing that could determine whether or not the story ends the same way, is you. You would say that you are a different person now, then you were six months ago, right? By now, you carry some new beliefs in your pockets than the half a year ago you did. When you go to the same places, things are a bit different. In similar situations you’ve had before, you might now make a different choice instead of the one you used to make, and so the result becomes different than last time.

Things can be different if you are different.  Intentions and Actions are the only things that can determine your life’s pattern. If your intention is to not repeat your old patterns or somebody else’s, you have to take action of doing something different that makes you different. You have to do something that sets you apart, that makes you truly an individual. Introducing something new, something that’s better, you are creating a life with better results.

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

Much Love & Light, As Always

Stay inspired!


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2 thoughts on “How To Break Old Patterns

  1. Hey Aui, that was an awesome article you wrote. And thanks for stopping by. 🙂
    I think it’s amazing after all that you’ve experienced and yet you are writing these words to help others, to help heal them as well as healing yourself. What a strong soul, to continue on your soul path despite the obstacles. That is inspirational.
    I also write because I find that it’s very therapeutic.
    Wishing you a wonderful day, and much peace to you. xx 🙂



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