The Art of True Transformation

True Transformation is Dying.

A metaphysical death, a spiritual death, an Ego death. A lot of people call it the Dark Night of the Soul. Some call it being born anew. Going through being stripped of everything you thought you were, all of the beliefs you believed to be true. You don’t see yourself the same anymore. You don’t see people the same anymore. Heck, maybe you didn’t even notice the people around you BEFORE all of this happened to you, and now that you’ve been Awakened, you truly SEE the people around you for the first time in your life. You see the whole world with fresh new eyes.

As our old selves die, a new version of ourselves emerges and therefore we are reborn. One of the terms for this is Ego Death. Transformation is killing old aspects of ourselves that no longer served us in a positive way, so we can continue to evolve and grow as souls.

To remember our true selves, we’d have to forget our old false sense of self.

I will tell you a little story. When I was younger, I used to dream a lot about snakes. At the time I was going through a lot of emotional times.  I used to fight and argue a lot with my siblings and parents, I often felt misunderstood by everyone. I was losing sleep due to phobias and worst case scenarios. My mind couldn’t shut off with excessive thoughts of what-ifs. Fear and guilt was ruling my life. Snakes was just another thing to be afraid of, I thought. But one night something happened that caused me stop having nightmares about snakes.  I saw a ‘spirit’ of a snake. That’s the only way I could describe it.  I was just going through another restless night. I was lying on my side, and when I turned over,  I saw black eyes staring back at me. A snake. He was about medium-sized, he was grey but sometimes even looked translucent. He was lying only a few inches away from me.  I wasn’t dreaming. I could distinguish between reality and a nightmare,and this wasn’t a dream. But I wasn’t fully awake either. I was in a state of consciousness between sleep and awake. This snake just stared at me, and for a second I felt that pang of fear crawl up in me and I realized I couldn’t move, nor yell for my parents. The fear intensified. But then the moment passed and I realized how calm this snake is. It was so still. We stare at each other for awhile, it could have been a minute, it could have been an hour. I don’t know how long it was, but by the time he disappeared and I gained full control of my body, I wasn’t afraid of snakes anymore.  Of course, I woke up my parents and told them all about the snake. They looked for it, and looked for it but couldn’t find it. They told me ‘It must have been a dream.” But I know what I saw.  Now usually, you’d think that this experience would only cause my fear of snakes to increase, but nope. I actually love snakes now. 🙂 Years fast forward, and now I see that this experience and the dreams was a significant symbol for me. Snakes represent transformation. Renewal, regeneration, rebirth. It even represents healing! After that period of my life ended, a new beginning began and I started working my way out of living life through Fear. Now I try my best to live life through Love. Perfect Love casts out all fear, right?

I told you this story because I believe that by facing our fears head-on, by truly facing ourselves for what we are, and questioning all of the things we allowed ourselves to believe…by actually make the choice to kill or get rid of our old selves that don’t serve us in a positive way, only then will we have truly achieved transformation. Transcendence beyond the Ego. 

We are what we do. When we make the choice to stop doing what our old selves used to do, and begin to do things closer to our true selves,  we begin to grow into a different person.

As a new person, whatever that was keeping us stuck (or oppressed) no longer does anymore. Now, we are free to be our truest self.

Death is a beautiful thing.

Much Love & Light, As Always


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    1. Thank you Daemon! 🙂 I loved your First Blog Post, the one with going through a metamorphosis. That was beautiful. Your writing is very beautiful, and I’ll be reading more of your work. 🙂

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