Chakras & How To Unblock Them: Part Two

chakra colours

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and it deals with unconditional love in its purest form and connection. The color of this chakra is primarily green but is said to be pink when it’s in the highest form. The element is Air.  

This chakra acts as the bridge between the lower, more physical chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus), and the higher, more spiritual chakras (throat, third eye, and crown). It is the link between matter and spirit, between heaven and earth. Although all chakras are equally important and the state of each one contributes to one’s well-being and all aspects of life—if there is one chakra that we need to have balanced—it is this chakra. 

If humanity focused on balancing this chakra, there would be no more wars, no more division/separation, no hate, etc…

Also, it’s important to have your heart pure for the afterlife. I’ll elaborate more on this in another post. 

When this chakra is balanced, the person is able to express their love and give their love away—without any conditions or expectations. They realize that their hearts are connected to the hearts of others and that what they do to others,  they also do to themselves. They feel a deep connection to nature and animals.

When this chakra is unbalanced, the person may suffer from feelings of loneliness, isolation, and feel like they’re unloved. They may be afraid of loving someone out of fear of getting hurt, or that they’ll grow too attached. The other spectrum of this unbalanced chakra is when the person is cold-hearted and cruel, they may play with others’ hearts, they may harm others,  animals, and/or planet Earth intentionally, making this chakra shut down.

Ways to unblock this Chakra:

1) Color Therapy (visualizing green, wearing green clothing, etc…)

2) Eating green leafy foods and more organic.

3) Become Love. Give yourself some love. Having self-love that is unconditional is important and must be established first, only then you’ll be able to give love that is unconditional for others. Share your love with others, with animals, with the world, in however way that you share and express your love. It’s good to count your blessings and give gratitude for what you do have. Even appreciating the simple things in life, like being grateful that trees exist or flowers or that you have family and friends.

4) Connecting with nature and animals

5) Affirmations

6) Yoga

chakra colors

The Throat chakra is the fifth chakra and it deals with communication, creativity, and spirit. The color of this chakra is blue. The element is ether.

This chakra is one of the three spiritual chakras.

When this chakra is balanced, the person is able to easily communicate effectively. They have no problem speaking their truth and expressing themselves. Because this chakra is balanced, they are able to let others speak their truth as well, and they will truly listen. They don’t feel the need to control the other person, they can let others just be. They are a good listener,  they might hear the whispers of the divine,  thus communicating with and receiving messages from the Divine/Universe. People with a balanced throat chakra may express themselves creatively through writing, speech, or art.

When this chakra is unbalanced, the person may suffer from not being able to communicate effectively, they are unable to express themselves fully,  either out of fear of rejection or criticism from speaking their honest feelings and opinions. So this person may often try to hide their true feelings and even lie, thus distancing themselves from their higher, authentic selves. The person can either be extremely untalkative and quiet, or really loud and obnoxious, never letting others have their say or opinion, being a bad listener and controlling.

Ways to unblock this chakra:

1) Color therapy (visualizing blue, wearing blue clothing, etc…)

2) Creatively expressing yourself, be it art, writing, or speech.

3) Communicating with others and practicing your listening skills.

4) Realizing what your truth is, believing in your truth, and walking in your truth. Always be authentic and true to yourself.  Being in truth and being real with yourself truly sets you free.

5) Affirmations

6) Yoga

chakra colors

The Third Eye chakra is the sixth chakra and it deals with intuition, the imagination, and spiritual awareness. The color of this chakra is indigo-blue, and the element is Light.

When this chakra is balanced, the person is in tune with their intuition and have no problem following it whenever they feel the need to. This person is also open to new spiritual concepts and ideas. They have clear spiritual vision. They know that everything they experience is the product of their own projected thoughts and emotions. They know that what they see is what they created, and they have the power to use their imagination to create whatever they want for themselves. This chakra also deals with psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, able to see auras, able to see spirits and entities, experience premonitions, etc… Dreaming is also associated with this chakra.

When this chakra is unbalanced, the person falls out of touch with their intuition and becomes spiritually blind. They become close-minded and are not opened to new ideas or spiritual concepts. The person may not be able to make wise decisions and they fall out of alignment with their true soul purpose in life. They might believe in the saying “What you can’t see or touch is not real” and over-intellectualize life,  this is when the person becomes Egotistical. This person might experience difficulties with sleep and rarely remembers their dreams.

Way to unblock this chakra:

1) Color Therapy (visualizing Indigo, wearing Indigo or dark blue, eating purple/indigo-blue foods such as blueberries, etc..)

2) Trusting yourself and your intuition. Believe in yourself, if you have a strong feeling about something, you should trust it. The more you start to trust in yourself,  the more your intuition and ability to make wise decisions grow stronger and stronger.

3) Meditation. Sitting in silence and stilling your mind. Calming down the overthinking mind, and just being in the moment. Listening to your inner voice or the whispers of the Universe. You don’t have to do a whole lot of hours of meditation, just a few minutes a day is great and can work wonders. Some people believe  they don’t have time for meditation, but really they always have time. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, it’s just that they prioritize other things. Jbittersweet has some good, short videos of meditations that I highly recommend.

4) Crystals

5) Aromatherapy

6) Yoga

chakra color

The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra and it connects you to the Divine and to your Higher-self. This chakra  deals with Spiritual Enlightenment and Connectedness to All Things. The keywords for this chakra is I KNOW and I UNDERSTAND. The color of this chakra is violet, but in the most elevated form the color is white. The element is Cosmic energy.

When this chakra is balanced, the person experiences divine spiritual experiences, they have a strong connection with their Higher selves and the Divine. They work with and trust in the Universe. This person vibrates on a higher frequency and has reached higher consciousness. This person can see things objectively and see lower situations from their higher selves’ perspective. The person knows the distinctions between their true selves and their false sense of self (or bad Ego).

When this chakra is unbalanced or even shut down (as is the common case with most people, unfortunately), they are cut off from the Source (G-d) and their higher-selves. They are spiritually asleep and running on autopilot. They don’t believe there’s anything more to life, no deeper meaning into anything. They will go through life not knowing or remembering what their true soul purpose was in their lifetime. They may fall victim to the bad ways of living in this society and are under Mind Control. They don’t realize that they can have Soul Control that can override bad Mind Control. They make their lives harder than it has to be by working against the Universe and not listening to the advice of their higher selves. They believe that they are separate from everyone and everything and cannot comprehend that they are connected to everything and are a part of the bigger whole.

Way to unblock this chakras:

1 ) Color Therapy (visualizing violet, white, or gold, wearing any of those three colors, etc..

2 )  Trusting in the Divine and the Universe; Asking for guidance from the Divine or your spirit guides, whenever you’re in need of answers/help, trusting that everything works out and is well in your world, believing that everything happens for a reason and that there are no accidents, there is always something good in every situation you just have to look for it)

3 ) Spiritual activity such as prayer or meditation.

4) Meditation and this is extremely important for this chakra and the Third Eye chakra.

5 ) Crystals

6) Aromatherapy

Remember that the chakras are energy vortexes within the energetic body. They are sensitive to the environment. Your thoughts, feelings,  beliefs, and experiences affect them in a fundamental way. So it’s good to avoid anything negative that might lower the frequency of your chakras, thus causing them to spin a slower rate and lower frequency.

This has been part two of Chakras & How To Unblock Them. I hope that this helps with inspiring ideas for chakra balancing. 

Much Love and Light, As Always


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